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Summer Camp 2014


“Let us provide your child with a summer to remember!” -Mimi


Mimi’s Creative Kids is devoted to encouraging each camper’s physical, emotional, and social development. Always striving to provide children with a caring and nurturing environment where

they can grow and have new experiences. There is a strong emphasis on building friendships, group play within a relaxed and safe structure. Our days are filled with fun activities.


All programs include:                   FUN, Themed weeks:

  ☼ sprinkler time                          ☼ “Party In the USA Week”

  ☼ arts & crafts                            ☼ “Under The Sea Week”

  ☼ athletics                                 ☼ “Wacky Week”

  ☼ music and movement                ☼ “Fantasy Week”

  ☼ cooking and baking                  ☼ “Challenge Week”

  ☼ nutritious snacks                       ☼ “A Bug’s Life”

  ☼ story time                               ☼ “Our Camper’s Got Talent!”

  ☼ science & discovery                                   


We offer programs for Infants through 12 years old:

  “Baby Minnows” a fun and nurturing program for infants ages 6 through 18 months: We provide the love and affection that each infant needs for healthy development.


  “Little Guppies” is a fun and nurturing program for children who are 18 mos. by 7/01: This program is designed to help prepare little ones for their upcoming school experiences. We really look forward to nurturing them through this transitional time.


  “Friendly Dolphins” Fun for children going into Nursery or Pre-K:  This program provides great fun for busy little preschoolers.  Expect your child to get quite messy…that’s what makes it so much fun ;)     

Please note: Child must be potty trained. If he/she is not, the child may join the Little Guppies where we are staffed more appropriately for diapering and assisting you and your child with the training process.


  “Shark Voyagers” Fun for children going into Kindergarten through 5th grade (Grouped K-2 and 3-5)  This group will go on field trips in addition to the fun to be had at camp.  Many of these excursions are not only FUN but often educational as well (shh..our secret).


Special Days Include: Carnival Day, Summer Art Show, Petting Zoo and Pony Rides, Pirate Day and More...